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    I'm going to be buying a boat next winter or spring for saltwater fishing in AK. I've owned boats in MN and TX, but the boats here are quite a bit different. I'd like to visit the websites of quite a few boat manufacturers for the types of boats used around AK. I've got a few already bookmarked, but I was hoping a few of you could rattle off some manufacturers and maybe even models that I should look into. I'm going to go to the Anchorage boat show this winter as well.
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    Here's a few...
    in aluminum...
    Almar - Sounder
    Hewescraft - Sea Runner (probably one of the more popular/prolific brands you'll see around)
    Aurora Boats - look up on Alaska Mining and Divings web page
    Koffler - BayBee
    Jetcraft/Harbercraft - Kingfisher
    Sea Sport

    That list just barely scratches the surface. Try doing a search (I hate saying that) on this site in the new forums and in the archives and you'll find a ton of info. It'd also help to go check out some of the boat yards. If you're in Anchorage, check out Alaska Mining and Diving Supply, Marita Sea and Ski, Deweys Cook Inlet Marine...those are all that come to mind right now.


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      If you get a boat that has an inboard/stern drive (i.e. not outboards), be sure you get one that has fresh water cooling, for both the block and manifolds. This keeps salt water out of the engine, makes winterizing easier, and allows you to plumb so that you can have cabin heat. But then again, I wish I had outboards instead of a stern drive.


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        You forgot the North River Seahawk! sheesh...LOL. Happens to be my personal favorite but I might be just a tad bias.


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          Oohhhh, yes I did forget...they are very nice boats too! I drool over the pics of the NR Seahawk O/S on North Rivers site quite frequently.

          Motion Marine makes some nice boats too.


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            Another great one is the River Wild out of Oregon. A buddy of mine just got one and it is one **** nice boat.


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              You might want to narrow down the type of boat you are looking for to narrow down the choice of manufacturers.

              Are you looking for a skiff or cabin cruiser? What size boat? To help narrow that down, how many people will be on the boat, how long will the trips be you take, ie how many miles and for how many days? What bodies of water will you be going out on? Will you be beaching the boat, or anchoring and taking a dinghy ashore?

              There are alot of factors to consider when choosing a saltwater boat, and it's best to figure out exactly what you want before shelling out serious $

              The two mistakes to avoid are getting something so small that it doesn't fit your needs and the days it'll be safe to take our are limited, as well as going so big that by the time you've made your monthly payment, you don't have anything left for the huge fuel bill.
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                What Paul said!

                On and off the beach a lot or just from the slip and back (aluminum or fiberglass), trailered or in the water year 'round (size)? Outboard :l, inboard or I/O ? Narrow down what you want and that'll narrow down the manufacturers. I assume you want something new and not a project? (They're all projects but some more than others.)


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                  Love my Hewes Craft!!!!!
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                    My favorites are Motion Marine boats for high quality, Fish-rite, Alumaweld, and Koffler. I have guided from each one. I prefer an outboard type boat, I believe in "no holes below the waterline", which is what you get with a I/O set-up, also much easier to winterize just lower the motor to vertical and your done.
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