Which of these 3 boats ?



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  • Which of these 3 boats ?

    Ok narrowed it doen to these 3 boats. All will have the same or similar options. Just want to get some opinions on them.

    Hewescrafts 20' Sportsman w/sport jet

    Phantom Sportsman 20' w/merc jet

    NW jet boat 20' Northstar only comes with 350 IB jet

    looking to stay in the 20' but if I can get a good deal on a bigger boat I will. I will be going to WA in Sept maybe to look at boats. Have a friend who's uncle is a rep for 13 different boats and his family are comercial fisherman so they got the hook up.


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    Anyone one of those boats are going to be well built. I personally would stick to one of the models that uses an outboard engine. Outboards are lighter, quieter, use less fuel, and don't use up all that precious interior space that an inboard does.


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      I've heard some not so good things about the sportjet, but that might be on older Optimax, which is the type motor they use. A good person to ask is Mark Oldenstat at Motion Marine boats, he built some of the first Sportjet boats ever made, and he builds a high quality boat too.
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        thanks any one who owns one of these boats care to share there experience witht them?


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          I have only had my boat for a short time but I love it. I got a couple options that most don't have on it and haven't had a regret yet. Remember that these boats are made for going up shallow streams and designed to have tons of equipment in the front and not the back. Yes an outboard would be quiter and better gas mileage but having the power to haul stuff to remote locations is great.
          I've added a couple storage features with minw that make a world of difference.

          If you would like to see a couple pics or need any more detailed info feel free to contact me! I live in Fairbanks so if you are around and would like a ride I would be more than willing to take you out on it!


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            thanks Im in Iraq for about 5 more weeks then back to FWA for a month...then move back down the ANC where I have a house in Eagle River.. i did see the DVD on the sportjon it's a nice boat but looking for something to take out to Whittier and Valdez to hunt blackies and some fishing so need something with some side wall height.


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              Woodleigh Boats

              Since you are going to be in Seattle area look at the Woodridge Boats.

              I have a 1994 Alaskan 20' with a 105 Jet with EZ lift with a 9.9 Kicker with Rock Hoper Guard on it.

              Sure is a sweet boat!


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                how easy is it to change from jet to prop on outboards? Just wondering just incase I go that route. I will be going to WA in September over leave to check on boats and Wooldrige is going to be one of them.


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