Looking for an aluminum boat similar to the Lund Alaskan 1800 DC



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  • Looking for an aluminum boat similar to the Lund Alaskan 1800 DC

    I aminterested in finding a boat similar to the Alaskan 1800 DC. The mostimportant feature is having the floor at the same level throughout the boatincluding the bow. Can anyone give me the manufacturer and model of asimilar boat in a 16' or 18' length. I have checked online and mayhave missed something. I would like to explore my options. Thanks.

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    Check out the Hewescraft Open Fisherman. It's available in 16', 18' and 20', both tiller and center-console. We used to have the Lund Alaskan 1800 DC (sorry, sold and gone 3 years ago) and moved up to the 20' Open Fisherman with the center console. A bud has the same model with the tiller.

    Gotta say it's a whole lot better boat. The chines aren't rounded like the Lund, so it's no sweat for several folks to be up and walking around, even all standing on the same side and leaning over. Try that with the Alaskan, and folks are going to get wet. Wider bottom, higher sides, welded seams.... Just a whole lot tougher boat. It's a much better sea boat too. Conditions that sent us running for the dock in the Lund are just fine in the Hewes.

    There's a "step-up" in the 4' of the bow, but the tradeoff is a built-in fuel tank as well as a locker that's dandy for anchor and line. Add in rod racks and a gear tray along either side, and it's much "cleaner" to use than the Lund. Lots more storage space, adding up to more room for people to move around. Here is another source of info. Best of all is that fish hold in the deck. Wow, is that ever nice. It lifts out for easy cleaning, as it meanwhile lets you stow a lot of fish completely out of the way.

    The Lund was "okay" within it's limits, but I'd never go back to it. The 18' Lund is too big and heavy to cartop, so you'll be trailering it too. Spend time with it and an Open Fisherman, and there'll be no doubt in your mind about the improvements.
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