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    I currently run a 26 foot north river O/S and am looking for a few more creature comfort for longer trips. The North river works for about 3-4 days but we would like to stay out for a week to ten days. We have slept up to 6 people on the north river but we had people everwhere. I am looking to get somthing a little bigger that had a shower and a full galley. I would like to have it trailerable, but figure the size will limit me to moving it only a couple times a year. I have been looking at the Seasport 3000 offshore or voyager and was wondering if anyone had any experience with them, how they handled, and if they are more stable with people walking around than the 8.5ft single screw Seasports. Any input pluses and minuses would be great.

    My other option i am looking at is waiting for a use Seawolf or Glaicercraft to come up for sale.


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    Great boat, been on one a few times. The ride is better then the 27 by a long shot.


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      I have a friend who owned a Seasport Voyager. They are great boats, much bigger than a 27' Seasport. But for what you are wanting to do with the boat, you aren't going big enough. And since you are talking about only using it a few times a year consider this: Keep your NR 26 OS, and on the rare time you want to go out for a week to 10 days rent a big boat. Try it once before selling your 26'

      I am thinking you will really want a 36' or bigger for your 6 people for 10 days vs a 30' Seasport. There is no point in buying a bigger boat only to use it less than you currently boat. If you want to go bigger, you want to be out on it more. We recently moved to a 36x12 and we use it a lot more. We were considering going from a 31' to a 26' Aluminum (for speed and maintenance of outboards) but quickly realized that would have been a huge mistake because we often are going out with 7+ people.



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        You might look at the Ranger Tug 29, it actually sleeps 6 and is designed to trailer. It will do 20+ knots if you need to scoot or run at displaysment speed for better fuel economy. I've been seeing more of them at the ramp.
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          Yeah the 27's infamous for bad sea manners. Sea trial a must before $$$. Have you also considered a Roamer?
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            Originally posted by Big Jim View Post
            Yeah the 27's infamous for bad sea manners.
            Big Jim,

            Can you elaborate or give me more details on the above comment regarding 27' Seasports.


            Do you know of someone that has reached 20+ knots in a Ranger Tug 29? The reason I ask is a friend has a 25' Ranger Tug and the advertised speed was greatly exaggerated.



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              Heard they corrected the hull design but some of them have a flat "pad" along the keel towards the transom instead of the "v" carrying all the way back. What happens is that at higher speeds the boat "falls off" from side or side. My buddy in anchorage just sold a 27' flybridge model with big block I/O power; he could never get close to getting the speed out of it. Maybe not truly dangerous but it happens so dramatically they were afraid to open it up. Stay away from the 27's especially the raised pilot house or flybridge models; plus they don't have the beam for a higher center of gravity. Otherwise the idea of a 27' boat they had is sound. Just lay the hull up differently and widen the beam.
              If I ever have a Bayweld built for what I do it will be a 26 x 9 with the new 200 hp 4 cyl Yamahas. Not a fan of the narrower beam models.

              I've sanded and bottom painted a few 27's and when crawling under the boat and seeing the flat pad wondered (to self) "hmmmm how does that work out in the real word?"
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                Thanks for the comments. I apreciate the knowlege base this forum has.
                I am looking for a boat that i can pull to Whittier or Seward and store on the the dry for the season, and launch when we go out. We use the boat throughout the boating season but just plan to move it to and from the house once during the year. The longer trips will probaly just be my wife the dog and myself. I expect 2 and 3 day trips with more people on board. I am limiting myself to one i can launch so i do'not have to try and get a slip for now.

                I have looked it the ranger tug (29 and 31) but do not know if it is a good sea boat and would like a little more top end speed.

                I looked at the Roamer and Linndel builds a nice boat but it is over my budget.

                I like the Seasport boats but the 24 is the max length i like with the 8.5 beam. I am not a fan on how the longer ones with the 8.5 beam trim out while running.

                That is why i would like feed back on the Seasport 3000 with the 10.5 beam and how it handles.

                Thanks again for the comments,


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                  Yep. No substitute for beam & length. Go big. You'll wish for more in short time and to have a happy woman is priceless.
                  That boat sounds perfect if it has good sea manners in the ****.
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                    There is a 2004 30' Seasport Offshore for sale on craigslist in Homer. Theres a link below.



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                      Redleader standing by


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                        Thats an awesome rigging table on that one!


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                          I have talked with two owners of 30 foot seasports and both said they were extremely tippy in the slop. They both had to constantly adjust the trim tabs. PM fishface here on the forum if he doesn't chime in.
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                            Just last night I looked at two different SeaSport 300s in the harbor. They are much bigger than the 27s. They may be 2x the displacement than the 27s. They can swallow up 6 people.

                            I cannot comment on how tippy they are on the slop, but I distinctly remember seeing one safely come into Swanson Harbor (at the confluence of Chatham and Icy Straits) during a serious late November blow where the seas were 8'-10' tall and steep and close.



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