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Jon Boat Transom Rebuild Project

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  • Jon Boat Transom Rebuild Project

    I recently purchased an old riveted Jon Boat. 16 feet with a 52" beam. All of the transom wood is rotted and needs to be replaced. While I am at it, I'd like to fix the transom up really nice. I am totally new to working on boats. Does anybody have suggestions for this type of project? What type of wood? Wood sealant? Any additional features I can incorporate that are helpful and not too difficult? I have a buddy who is a skilled aluminum welder who will be helping me with this project so welding is a possibility.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    1) we need pictures
    2) recommend marine plywood sealed with epoxy (like West Systems)
    3) recommend skipping wood transom and going all aluminum if you can afford it
    4) Jon boats can be relatively inexpensive and you may want to consider another boat if your budget allows.



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