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Predator windshield replacement

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  • Predator windshield replacement

    Yea, it happened. Creek level came down and it got a bit tight in there. Took an 18" diameter spruce to the passenger side window and it busted the glass and messed up the trim. The spruce had fallen down years ago and was cut to be able to get past it in the creek. The frame wasn't bent as I was going pretty slow downstream. We had been cutting trail for 4 straight hours, so I was a bit tired and had a lapse of focus coming back out.

    I'm planning to ask Compeau's about replacement, but I wanted to see if there were any other options out there.

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    Speedy glass on Van Horn, the haul road took out my passenger side window on my Wooldridge a few years ago. I'd like to say it was a little over $200 for a replacement and they had it done the same day! I was impressed!


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      Talked to Speedy Glass, I'll be bringing it in to them tomorrow. Looking like less than $200 for replacement. I still haven't talked to Compeau's, but last I had heard it was about $400 to replace with them.


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