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  • adding an aux fuel tank

    24 foot sea sport that currently has two independent 60 gallon fuel tanks, each one feeding a Yamaha 150. I usually run a long way in PWS on 2-3 day trips and I carry up to 60 gallons of extra fuel in a polly drums.

    Was thinking of adding another tank. I do have two fish holds, which are directly in the center of the boat, and on the bow end of the cockpit. Am envisioning an aluminum tank being added to one of the fish holds.

    Anybody tackle such a project, or have other ideas? Good idea or bad idea? The polly drums serve their purpose, but are a pain to deal with, would rather have something built in.
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    TLW-I had an Explorer-although mine was an I/O so lot's less room in the cockpit both above and below deck. But I believe the forward fish hold is the same in both boats. Seems like a guy could put a nice sized tank in the bottom of that hold and still have quite a bit of room left for stowing gear above it. Probably would need a custom tank to fit in there but it would probably help lessen the tenderness that SS are known for.....


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      I've looked at options and they range between expensive if you can find a poly tank of the right size $300-500, or really expensive for a custom aluminum or bladder tank $1000+. Hence why many people deal with the hassle of poly tanks.
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        My friend had a 28' Koffler with twin Yamaha 200 HPDIs. For long range cruising he had a big 130 gallon belly tank fitted with handles that he placed in his center fish hold below the deck of his boat. So it can be done.

        I know you are in Anchorage, but look at CL Southeast and search for Broken Rudder 907-635-1009. Darren is charging $11/gallon for custom fuel tanks and has photos so you can use that as a comparison for Anchorage.



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          Get akmud to fab you one up

          You may need to do a little glass work but shouldn't be to bad. Had to tear my he hole deck & replace fuel tank ladt yr


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            Seems like OK pricing for what they are.

            Geez, 180 gallons with twin 150's, seems like good much range does that give you?
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              I pulled my old rotten 30yr old 90 gallon .090'' wall aluminum tank out of my C hawk, and built a new 120 gallon aluminum tank out of .160'' aluminum to feed my 300 Verado. Since I work in a welding shop, the expense was minimal (materials only), and now I have a brand new tank that will last a long time. Aluminum tanks have their own pros/cons over the plastic molded tanks. Plastic molded tanks sweat condensation less, but are less durable and the seams on them are the first things to give out, plus they can 'leach fuel'. Plus they also have a tendency to swell when full and in heat. Aluminum tanks are a lot more bullet proof, but are susceptible to corrosion and sweat condensation more (so just keep it full as much as you can). All in all, if you can afford an aluminum tank, go for it.

              If you don't think you will use your fish holds, I would say go for it. It would be a good spot for a tank, and easily accessible. That being said if I had your boat I would be using my holds and I would see if there is anywhere else under your deck to cut open and install a tank. You can deck over it with an aluminum soft-patch (aluminum deck plate basically).

              Also, I don't know how much more fuel you're wanting to pack, but an inexpensive and easy way to add some fuel; If you have room underneath your gunnels, they made molded plastic tanks specifically made for each type of boat that take up the void underneath the gunnel. I have one sitting in my garage for my C hawk that is 18 gallons; although I'm sure they come in a variety of sizes, and you could always add two of them. Just an idea.

              I have a big range on my tank with my 300hp outboard, You must really be putting on the hours if you're burning 180 gallons a trip! And I thought filling my tank was expensive!


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                Thanks for all the responses. I do have two fish holds. The first and one closest to the cabin is more than big enough and can hold more fish than I care to filet. The fish hold I wish to convert is used for storage now.

                Most of my trips are 3-4 day excursions, and I like to run all over the sound. Over 4th of July girl friend and I put 340 miles on the boat. Another 60-80 gallons would get me where I need to be.

                If I do make the change, I think aluminum is the route.
                In 1492 Native Americans discovered Columbus lost at sea

                If I come across as an arrogant, know-it-all jerk, it's because I am


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                  if you do go aluminum make sure you coat them with coal tar epoxy and bed them correctly so they don't eat up on ya. If it were me i'd take a good look at a fuel bladder, pen off your fishhold to hold it nice and secure. Remember your not customizing the boat for you but for the guy your going to sell it to.
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