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    Thought this might be of interest....Comments?

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    Interesting, but looked rigged to me. Their anchor starts off in bare sand and is pulled slowly and so it bites in. Everyone else's anchor is dragging high speed across the grass. Difficult to believe that none of the other ones would set.


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      Yep. Look at how they slowly move backwards to let the Mantus dig in while all the others are cruising pretty good. I have a Bruce anchor and never have a problem hooking up right away.
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        Also, as the video starts, the Mantus clearly lands in images of it, it's in the it had to have been repositioned and may have had it's nose intentionally dug in a little. I know anchor talk is right up there with religion and politics. I have a 7lb Fortress and that thing amazes me. I have two other heavier anchors, one is 12 and the other, 16 lbs., that look almost identical to the Fortress yet don't hold nearly as well. Can't figure that one out....


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          It's just a pimp job, and poorly done in spite of their ad department.
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            I guess ima little slow and dont get it because I didnt see any off the anchors take a good hold and dig in and hold the boat. Were they supposed to drag like that? AM I missing something here??? What exactly was the pupose of that video?
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