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    We've decided to get a camera to capture the fishing action in the boat. We sort of decided on the GO Pro , is there much of a difference between the White, Black and Silver Camera? What do you have on your boats? Do you use a fixed mount, boom mount, image stabilization, remote on/off, pro's and con's for the Go Pro.
    Thanks for your help.

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    Yes there is a big difference. You can look up a simple comparison on site. I've had the silver and the black on my boat. Picture quality on the black was much much better. Both are at the bottom of the River .
    Also check out the one gamin has. I havnt seen it in action, but it has some really nice features for the outdoorsman.
    Youtube will give you some great side by side reviews of whichever your considering.


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      Huge difference even. White is 5MP. Silver is 10MP. Black is 12MP. http://gopro.com/cameras?gclid=CM-V5...FSMLMgodTXUAlA

      I have the Hero3+ Silver and love it. I didn't buy the black because I didn't find the need for the remote control (there is a free remote app for your iPhone to control the camera if desired) and the difference between 10 & 12MP wasn't enough to justify the additional $100. There are a few other differences between the two that might make the black more appealing, especially if you're looking for HD video with higher frame rates as well as an even wider wide-angle mode and low light mode.

      I can't think of any reason why someone would buy the white model if you're looking for decent image resolution.

      Mounting is entirely up to the imagination of the user. I have more $$ tied up in mounts and gizmos than I do in the camera itself (including a Steadicam Curve). The suction cup mount is perfect if you have a flat glass window in a good spot to mount. I would also recommend that the bicycle handlebar/seat post mount is one that you pick up right away. This mount will fit on a round tube of about 1/2" through 1-3/8" diameter. That means you can put it on anything from a VHF mast to a handrail to a fishing pole.

      I don't have one (yet), but they now have a Sportsman Mount that will clamp onto all sorts of things, but is specifically designed for fishing poles and guns and such.

      Be creative and you can find all kinds of cool ways to mount and use the camera. Though you can get bit by the video bug and find yourself doing some crazy stuff... right now, I'm constructing a 2-axis gyroscopic stabilized gimbal mount that will go on the back of my snowmachine to keep the camera level with the horizon regardless of chassis roll while riding. In the process, I've been thinking about adapting it to set up above the transom on a boat as well. It's going to make some pretty awesome shots.

      Word of warning about GoPro cameras... the battery life is fairly short. You're not going to fish all day on one or even two batteries. If you use the iPhone app, you can kiss your battery life good bye. I use the app to setup the camera, set up the shot, and maybe view video or photos after the fact. During actual filming, you're better to shut the WiFi off and use the buttons on the camera to start and stop filming. Batteries charge while inside the camera unless you buy an external charger. So if you get a spare battery, you'll also need a way to charge it. Also, you'll have to experiment with the narrow, wide, and super wide video settings to see what they do. It is completely unlike every old camcorder you've ever used.

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        x2 on short battery life. Get a couple and a car charger for them. http://goprouser.freeforums.org/inde...7f251ec175b7a7


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          Good camera, from my experience with the black, use ipod or phone to turn on off, handy when strapped to the strut of a plane. Battery life is not very good. They make a larger battery that is worthwhile. But all that stuff and mounts can add up plenty quick.
          I have found the GP to take quality vid, I wish it was a little more user friendly. Maybe if I used it more I would remember all of its little nuances......
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            You really need one of these to go with it...

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              Hero 3 silver i use the windsheild suction cup mount on the boat and have the wireless remote as well. Picture quality and reso i wonderful. i also use it hand held and have used it under water when fighting fish for a different prospective. Image shake is nill. i use it in the winter on my helmet when riding sleds and have some awesome shots. i only have two complaints one is the battery life as stated above. the other is the "fish eye" curve of the trees and such on the outside edge of the screen when viewing the video.
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                Originally posted by jrogers View Post
                You really need one of these to go with it...

                Used a Phantom this last week and it sure is cool. Will have a vid up sometime this week with shots taken from it. It needs floats though or say goodbye to $1,500!

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                  I got the Hero 3+ Silver edition earlier this summer, and got a Lemon. More on that in a minute. Observations...you film blind unless you use the phone app; your best resolution is under 10 yards; no telephoto capabilities; excellent quality video up close to about 20 yards; there is quite a bit of distortion (bending at the edges) if you are in close spots (like a hallway); Chest harness really is great for the downhill run on Lazy Mountain; the GoPro film editing software is Not Intuitive, a big learning curve, and has no go-back option (you have to start over if you make a mistake unless you do the not so easy Save option.

                  As to the lemon, stuff like that happens. It was 99% incompatible with the extended battery and would turn itself on and drain both batteries, made the camera dead all the time; it would freeze regularly and I would have to pop the battery to re-set it, a real PITA since it is in a waterproof case; the firmware update and the on site instructions were not compatible (did not work as claimed); on camera menu system was problematic.

                  The company GoPro: great to work with. I called them first and they did a simple walk through on the firmware to make it work, very professional and they recognized their problem, helpful and not condescending. They quicklyy did a RMA on the camera, paid for the FedEx return, and sent me a replacement FedEx in a week's time. Any product can be bad from the start, it is how the company stands behind it...and GoPro has treated me right.
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                    Shimano has released an action cam as well.
                    So far I have heard good reports about it.
                    Especially in low light conditions due to the fast lens on it.




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                      Do a search for Go-Pro on Youtube. I have watched a few in crab pots and there is even one off a flasher hunting kings in the Columbia river. Very entertaining as well as an educational value for us older "gotta see to believe it" guys.
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                        Here is a video from last year down in Valdez with a Hero 3 Silver. Personally, if I get another one, I will go with a Black model but I think a Silver is fine for your first camera. Many have mentioned using a phone app to control the camera which is fine but can be a pain. I highly suggest getting the LCD Touch BakPak. Also, I have been getting extra batteries from a company called Wasabi that can be found on Amazon and Ebay. They get great reviews and they have worked great for me and are much cheaper than OEM replacements.




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                          I was able to take my replacement GoPro Hero3+ Silver out yesterday for the first time. It is 100% better than my original! Works flawlessly, and even the quality of video is superior to the first one. I am impressed now and will keep it/use it. :topjob:

                          That said, I really like the write ups on the Garmin Virb as it has a viewable screen (to see what you are shooting) and is compatible with my Garmin GPS.
                          "...and then Jack chopped down the beanstock, adding murder and ecological vandalism to the theft, enticement and vandalism charges already mentioned, but he got away with it and lived happily ever after without so much as a guilty twinge about what he had done. Which proves that you can be excused just about anything if you're a hero, because no one asks the inconvenient questions." Terry Pratchett's The Hogfather


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                            I chose the 3+ silver which is superior to the 3 black. The features of the 3+black weren't worth the additional cost... for me. Buy extra batteries. I'm researching DIY mounts because I can't stomach the sticker price at their store displays. Content so far except either I have a lemon like Roger or I just inadvertantly press the power button when it's packed up and in transit because I've had a couple times where I left with full charge and I pull it out to use it and I have full battery drain.
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                              I have a Silver as well. Battery life for my usage is about 90 minutes. FYI image quality and frame rate affect battery life.
                              I do most of my filming at 720p and 30 fps. High frame rate is more important to video clip quality if you're moving fast.

                              I second the Wasabi batteries. For a typical day I carry 3 spares.
                              I highly recommend the dessicant strips to prevent fogging inside the housing.
                              To lessen the fish-eye effect, go to your settings menu and deselect wide-angle. Also, GoPro makes housings with flat lense windows.

                              Also, consider picking up a VuVantage boom kit. It has a slick backpack mount for the 3rd person over-the-shoulder view and it uses OTS Ram mounting components so it's easy to adapt to your stuff. Bonus: it was invented by an Alaskan. The carbon fiber tube is foreign manufacture but he still does the assembly in his garage. They're about $135.
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