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Hamilton 212 v. Hamilton 213

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  • Hamilton 212 v. Hamilton 213

    I'm working on specs for a custom build, and ran across the Hamilton 213. I'd never heard of this one, but it's about the same size and power as the 212 but specifically designed for saltwater use. I'm wondering if there are any pros or cons to getting the 213 since I'll be running in both salt and fresh water. I don't see many differences in specs, but am not sure if you can use the turbo impellers in the 213.

    Any information at all about the 213 or experiences with it would be appreciated.

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    Guess it's not a common pump....


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      The commercial fleet uses the 213, lots and lots of them. I do have a friend that runs the 212 and hates them and is looking for used 213's to replace them. I not really sure the difference between the two but I think its the shift controller. I also know the 213 is a sweet pump and that is what I would be putting in when I build a new boat.


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        After some research, the main difference is hydraulic reverse and a larger shaft to handle the bigger engines and diesel engines, and oil cooling I believe. Stainless impeller. I am curious if the turbo impeller would work. Don't see why not... The specs are otherwise identical.


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          From HJ themselves

          Fighting gravity is never cheap.


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            I believe every one in the commercial fleet that run the 213 has turbo impellers.


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              Yeah, that is what I figured. Makes sense to reduce cavitation in the waves.


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