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Boat Capsize in PWS Monday

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  • Boat Capsize in PWS Monday

    Anyone have any details as to what happened? I heard some radio chatter about it. Wondering if there is more to how they ended up going over. That area gets real snotty but a 40' seiner can take a lot of water. Curious if they were loaded with fish and maybe lost power and ended up sideways to the waves or something.
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    I heard they only had 12,000# of fish on board which ain't much.
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      I saw this earlier in the week:
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        40 ain't big for a seiner, net might of been hung on bottom or they tried to roll in to big a bag of fish, had most of the net aboard and a big wave swamped them ???
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          Steve is right. Rolling in a big load of fish and a big wave hit on the off side, over she went. Bye, bye boat.


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            When I worked on a sein boat a friend of ours use to roll so much fish his keel would come out of the water.
            We thought he was nuts for that. This was in a 48' ledford.
            When he was deckloaded his stern would be underwater.
            We were in a 54' Leclerq tophouse purse seiner and would roll no more than 5,000 pounds at a time. Otherwise you had to brail.
            We had a sock brailer and it worked great.
            Yes 40' is small for a seine boat most are closer 54' for purse seiners and 58' for limit seiners.
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              Cornelia Marie huh? Deadlest catch boat.....If so, way to go Josh!
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