Dennison, Mosquito and West fork- 40 Mile boating?



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  • Dennison, Mosquito and West fork- 40 Mile boating?

    I have been trying to find info on these rivers in the 40 mile area when it comes to power boats. I am not sure if there are power boat restrictions for these areas or not. If there isn't, has anyone ran any of these rivers in a jet or an airboat? I know the south fork has hovercrafts on it so I would think the others would be ok as well but not sure. I have some claims I am heading up to mine for a couple weeks at the the south fork bridge and wanted to take the boat and do some exploring and see some different country if possible. Any info is always appreciated.

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    Do a search on here and the rafting maybe canoeing forums, I have wanted to explore that area as well and did some research a few years back. Portions of it are boatable, but could be limited as to how far you can go depending on water levels......from what I remember anyway...
    Expect lots of rocks.

    A small tough boat would be De-rigueur or one with lots of plastic, winches, that sort of thing.....
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      I've seen and heard air boats, small jet powered jon boats or hovercrafts on the Mosquito Fork above the bridge at Chicken just about every year we have been up there. I've also talked to a local guy that said he hunts up there every year with a jon boat by running up to about where Gold Creek comes in from the ?? northwest and then floating back down. We've also been down to the Mosquito Fork from off the Chicken Ridge Trail in a couple of places and it certainly looks runnable in a smaller boat, especially anything with plastic on the bottom. I've also heard stories of airboats on the West Fork. The issue I think is that these rivers are part of the National Wild and Scenic River System so that should be researched also.

      I'd like to hear what everyone knows or finds out also because a water based hunt sounds like a great idea. Every year looking down from the ridges into the Mosquito Fork we always see bull moose but have no way to get down to them.


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