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20 Mile Glacier Fork vs Mclaren river rock garden?

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  • 20 Mile Glacier Fork vs Mclaren river rock garden?

    Anyone ran the twenty mile glacier fork and also the boulder garden on the Mclaren river? If so how do they compare? I am planning on day trip hunting(not my choice) caribou out of the camper with my wife and have heard the boulder garden is horrible. I have ran the twenty mile up to the glacier and it wasn't as bad as I have heard and was wondering what your guys opinion is. I will be running this boat lightweight, shallow running and plastic bottom. Click image for larger version

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ID:	2513358. What you you think my odds are and do I even need to go down that far.

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    I ran maclaren last year 3 times. In my airboat 20 miles down from the lodge. The hardest part is when you start getting close to hills and river narrows down.
    In that little boat of yours you'll have no problems at all. Wait the last week of season for your boy when the heard is moving thur.... I'll post a couple pics later to night.
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      Piece of cake in that boat, I think its like 13-14 miles down the bottom of the river turns to boulders and depending on how high the river is has a lot to do with hitting rocks. I went last year down to the rock garden and shot a caribou right there so I had no reason to travel farther but if I had plastic on my boat I wouldn't think twice about it.


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        Thanks for the info I guess I will give it a shot and just see what happens. Wont do anything too crazy since the wife and I will be by ourselves.


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          When are you planning on going?


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            Sometime around the 20th of August. Hope to get there and get out before the weekend crowd shows up.


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