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  • Harbercraft 23' pelly river boats

    Does anyone have experience with the 23' harbercraft pelly river boats, listers in Whitehorse sells them?

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    You need to clarify a few things. Listers Motorsports is in Whitehorse, Yukon Canada. You are asking about the 23' Harbercraft Pelly River Model? I know that both Thunder Jet and Harbercraft/Jetcraft boat companies sell the same models in the USA and Canada with different model names. Is Pelly River a model name? I happen to own an older Harbercraft 22' Landingcraft "Nahinni" model. It is durable and has been abused before I got it, but it is a solid boat. It does have some paint corrosion but that didn't concern me when I bought it (very used at that point). I can say that after trying to strip the boat of its paint I gave up because the painting process is very good.

    Is this the 2348 Harbercraft model? This image is kind of confusing to me because this looks like a lighter gauge aluminum boat versus the more standard heavier gauge Harbercraft boats. Most people have a hard time using Canada websites in the US. I can't load the lister motorsports webpage but can view some images. I also viewed a .pdf file. 2348 Pelly River boat for $9800. Is that the package or just the hull. A 48" bottom on a jet hull is old school narrow. Today on a 23' you would want a 60" or 72" bottom .



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      Yeah the boat you have pictured , some use outboard jet on it and some just run outboard prop. They are around $9800 for just the hull and trailer I believe . Not sure it would be much better than my crestliner 18' sportsman tiller for running deeper rivers for moose though


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        A friend here in town has one and loves it. Think Aluminum freighter canoe. He runs it with modest hp and a prop.
        I can put you in touch with him if you like, just shoot me a PM.
        Fighting gravity is never cheap.


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