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  • windshield replacement

    I've got a broken windshield (glass). Any suggestions on where to get this replaced between Anchorage and the Valley?


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    Speedy glass was simple for me. Boat windows are easy. They removed it for me in about 2 minutes out in the parking lot. Took it inside and measured it. Later that day they had it cut and installed it in about 10 minutes. Easy Peasy.


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      Speedy did it once for me, quick and easy, but I would not go there again. I didnt look at the job closely when i picked the boat up. When i got home i noticed the what ever tool they used to remove the rubber gasket around the wind shield (looked like a common screwdrive) they scratched the SH*& out the paint. Not just small nicks but 5 inch long scratches almost like it had been keyed in about 5-6 places. Since i picked it up at closeing time and the next afternoon when i brought the boat back to them, Speedy had no idea and they claimed ignorence..... But i will say this since it was replaced by them it hasnt leaked at all and i think is was around 100.00
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        From me! I own Rival Glass Company. And all installs come with free fishing stories. or PM me. If you call, it's me Myers, mention you got my info from the forum. I don't know if I'm allowed to leave my info on the forum or not cause of advertising stuff or what not, but either way some of you guys know me from here. Anyway I do windows and know where all the large size shrimp are, Ha Ha!


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