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    Finally got the boat at WOT this weekend. Fully loaded 24 seasport, full gas, gear and 3 guys. Flat water and the twin 150 yamaha's will do 45 mph and max RPM is 5200 on the starboard and 5000 on the port engines. The props are 13 3/4 X 19.

    I understand a lower pitch prop will give me more RPM's, however that isn't a problem for me as I enjoy a 4000 rpm cruise ~ 30mph and 14 gph.

    Question is, will a lower pitch give me any better fuel economy?
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    If that is all you are getting for WOT you are 800/1000 rpm short. With a full load I would want to be at 5800 RPM at WOT. I am not sure about fuel economy, but being 1/5 short on RPM might be hard on the motors (at any RPM).

    You are putting too much load on the motors. You need to loosen the reigns a little bit and let the horses run.......


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      I fully agree. You need to be able to hit max rpm +\- 200 rpm at wot with your normal load in the boat. As far off as you are its hard on your motor. Harder than running them at a slightly high cruise rpm would be. I am betting you will get better fuel economy propped right, and you will gain a ton of bottom end with the right props as well as much better boat control in heavy seas.


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