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Best Size Jet Motor for a 2072 MVJT

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    Very happy with the 115/80 jet on the 2072 SA.
    Rare to have it pegged out except to get on step.
    I make it a point to keep weight center & forward (I moved batteries, console, load & fuel near middle), with the heavy motor weight ,
    load balance is one important key to speed , performance & fuel consumption.

    I use 3 configurations depending on the season & need,
    console back middle & no seats for dipping, dippers, coolers fish/ice middle or forward of middle.
    console center left for fishing,
    console way back / middle & windshield ,bow cover off for freight runs. Load is middle & forward.

    Treat the weight & balance like loading a plane, will help performance & fuel consumption.
    To much weight aft, boat is always running up hill
    To much weight forward, bow is plowing
    Also balance the spray to be even coming off the left & right sides,

    Takes a few trips to get used to load balancing & engine trim for various loads , but pays
    you back $$ in fuel consumption & performance.
    With a few trip & some minor load adjustments, you will notice better performance.


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