High water bank damage and Boat Wakes



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  • High water bank damage and Boat Wakes

    With the current high water, especially on the Tanana, people are losing banks at an alarming rate. In Perkins Slough, off the Tanana just below Chena Pump Campground the water has been right at the top of the bank, though it is droppping slightly. Homeowners can't do much to save the bank right now, and are asking boaters to not use Perkins Slough. The wakes from the boats on step are exacerbating an already bad condition.
    There are multiple options on the outside, or south side of the island to transit up or downriver in or near the main channel. Boaters could float down the slough, under power, off step, and that would not be an issue, but it would be pretty hard to come back up rive due to the current.
    Now that I realize the issue, I personally have no problem w/ staying off of that slough, regardless whether it is lawful, required, or just being respectful.
    I don't Facebook, Twitter, or text. If any of you do, you might pass on the word to your buddies in and around Fairbanks, or even other areas in the state that might be having the same problem.
    Safe Boating and enjoy your weekend,

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