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Whittier To Valdez Ferry Ride and Parking

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  • Whittier To Valdez Ferry Ride and Parking

    I wasn't sure where to put this post but decided on power boating because of the number of you who might relate to this question.
    My parents will be here in July and we will be sending them to Valdez Via ferry to meet up with us down there. (We're driving ) question is does the terminal have say 5 night parking for their vehicle versus having to walk from the dirt lot across the tracks? They are 65 and 68 and not in exactly marathon shape.. anyone have any suggestions for me? I haven't seen any sort of shuttle down there when I am launching my boat...

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    Try calling the harbor master for parking in their lot? It's closer, but still a walk. Not sure if they do daily passed or just for the season. The boat launch is next to the terminal, and there might be some forum members launching from the gravel lot with a couple seats open?


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      I had been online looking to see if the terminal had some parking but I couldn't find anything. Thanks for the harbor master idea..


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        To the best of my knowledge, the Whittier ferry terminal does not have any parking of its own. The best bet is the long-term lot across the tracks. If they know where on the lot to park (or ask the "helpful" attendant) they should be able to get fairly close to the pedestrian tunnel. Once they're through that, the ferry terminal is a pretty close right turn. Way shorter than walking around the RR yard and following the vehicle route.
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