Recommendations on life rafts for Resurrection & PWS?



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  • Recommendations on life rafts for Resurrection & PWS?

    I need your help figuring out what would be the best life raft to purchase for my boat. I have a 24ft. 1985 Bayliner Ciera cabin cruiser. I stay within Resurrection Bay mostly (don't go much outside of Pony Cove), sometimes PWS, and want something for my wife, baby, potentially two dogs, and myself. I was looking at the Revere Coastal Compact or the Revere Coastal Commander. Anyone have experience with any of those and could share any thoughts? I like the compact a light nature of the "Compact" as I don't have a lot of space on the boat but the Commander seems much more robust but also much heavier and bulky. Also, I am not sure if the Compact requires periodic servicing like the Commander does. As it is a big purchase I want to make the right one. I appreciate any and all guidance you have to offer. I am also open to other manufactures if you have recommendations. Thanks in advance for your input as it may one day save the lives of my family and I!

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    try these guys
    Alaska Shrimp Pots

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    Electra Dyne Pot Haulers
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      Whatever you buy, make sure you get something that can be repacked and inspected in Alaska, and look at what the interval is between repacking. I have one I got when I got my boat, and I have never had it repacked, but I should. If you have to send it out of state it is really expensive to ship because of the CO2 it is considered an explosive device (or something like that where they can charge you a lot). I also have a Gary Kings 9 ft inflatable on the roof, so the coastal raft is not a primary emergency device for me.
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        You more or less hit all the points already. But pay special attention to jroger's point about repack. They should truthfully be inspected and repacked annually with a full inflation test every 2 or at most 3 years. You're depending on them, and lots can deteriorate in a canister over a year. Much worse with a soft pack.

        Considering your waters, I'd almost be inclined to a small inflatable if there's room on your cabin. You'd get lots more use out of it above and beyond emergency service, while for the short emergency runs to the beach it would suffice as a "life raft." Not something I'd recommend for offshore storms, but it doesn't sound like you're into that.
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          I just went thought this last winter and learned a lot on price and getting it serviced. I started out looking at getting on of the rafts you talked about. the problem with them is no one in alaska will services them. Eagle enterprises used to but told me they are no longer going to so the only option is to send it to seattle and the hazmat shipping is about 170 I think is what I was quoted and you would need to do that very three years.
          What I ended up doing is getting a commercial raft from eagle so I know that I can get it service when I need to in state.
          I figured it out that the cost breaks out about the same. with the noncommercial raft you will save money on buying the raft but pay more shipping it to get it serviced. With the commercial raft you will pay more up front but save a little on getting it serviced each time.

          If u are just a weekend boater that does not go out in any bad weather then and runs when it starts to get bad. I would almost just get a zodiac raft and just make sure it is full of air very time you head out.
          If you have some more question I would be happy to help you with them. or call eagle enterprises in homer they are one of the primary services centers in alaska for life rafts.


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            Revere Coastal Commander

            I had the 6-man valise model for 4 years.
            Initial cost was $1650 FOB Anchorage.
            3 year repack at Eagle including round trip freight to/from their Homer shop was $800
            Sold the raft after I sold my boat with 2-years left on repack for $600.
            Thus my annual net cost for life raft was $462 per year................among the many joys of being a boat owner.
            I also recommend a personal locator beacon to wear on your life jacket, they only cost about $350 these days with no service charges.


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