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  • Business Hours Change at Marita Sea & Ski/Alaska Power Sports

    Business Hours Change

    All of the employees of Marita Sea & Ski/Alaska Power Sports participate in almost all the outdoor sports that Alaska has to offer. We fish, hunt, ride, off-road, boat, clam, hike, photograph, run rivers, shoot, hike, rv, and camp with family, friends, and our customers. Given our "need" to be outdoors, and the fact that we will participate in almost 50 outdoor functions this year (most of which are held on the weekends), we must have our weekends. Given those facts, we shall see you out there Saturday and Sunday, and take care of your powersports needs Monday through Friday. Now go play outside!

    We will start new hours of operation as of the 7th (Monday) of July 2014.

    Our new hours of operation are;

    Monday 7 am - 6 pm,
    Tuesday 9 am - 6 pm,
    Wednesday 9 am - 6 pm,
    Thursday 9 am - 6 pm,
    Friday 9 am - 7 pm,
    Saturday - Closed,
    Sunday - Closed.


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    I read... your time is more important than ours.. Interesting business model. Must be lots of margin in those Chinese ATV's. So much you can pick your hours.


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      no sat?

      Many people don't have any time off work until Saturday before they can finally go to their (big boy) toy store, either to buy or service one.

      Not to criticize, but possibly you might want to poll your customers on their needs? Or please accept my apology if you already have, and you are making the good and smart decision to cut summer hours/days. I've been wrong lots of times so don't take my word as gospel.

      P.S. I am a happy customer of yours - as I've posted before - so take this as merely one guy's feedback.


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        A toy store that's only open when most people are working? Or a toy store that isn't open when most people playing?

        Ever consider staggering shifts so not everyone is stuck working every weekend? Even better give weekend workers weekdays off so they still get their play days. Weekday play days for weekend workers are often even better than weekends off since most Alaskans aren't crowding the playgrounds.

        Or you could do what you are ding and close when everyone else is off. Have a great summer!


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          It's their business, they can do what they want. Maybe change to later hours, maybe 10 to 7
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            WOW both weekend days. I’m sure you have done business models of patrons frequenting yourbusiness, peak hours of customer traffic and sales studies as to which days arethe most profitable. Employee wellbeingis important to any business of course. Both weekend days hmmmmmmmmm……. Yikes.
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              I don't have a town job, but if I did I would rather have my days off during the week anyways instead of the busy weekend

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                Originally posted by Music Man View Post
                It's their business, they can do what they want.
                Now this is the truth. If they feel their bottom line is fine with banker's hours, I guess they get to make that call. I would imagine evening hours could help many folks out.


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                  "It's their business, they can do what they want."

                  Yes and it is my money and can do what I want!
                  Due to my normal work hours I will be forced to take my business else where or take time off from work to go there, and that is not a good option.


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                    Originally posted by HCL View Post
                    "It's their business, they can do what they want."

                    Yes and it is my money and can do what I want!
                    And this is most certainly true as well. I have grown accustomed to lower than average service industry performance in AK, I thought it was just places like Dillingham and Bethel where I first landed but I have seen the same from Fairbanks to Anchorage to Kenai to now Juneau and Wrangell..... I am so displeased with the outboard and sporting goods stores in Juneau that I now stockpile even my filters and lube from online sources so I don't have to go in there and see their smug faces. Luckily there is one here in town that I trust to do actual work if needed on my outboards and I have a car mechanic that at least doesn't tick me off every time I go in. Granted both are not exactly fast but I trust the work, the bill still hurts though.

                    Definitely, take your money elsewhere, it's more potent than a slip of paper in the "suggestion" box.


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                      I'm nowhere near the caliber of business they are but i know for me i try to be as accommodating to my customers as i can with hours. A mentor of mine that had a very successful tackle store told me that since he was in the business of taking care of folks that are recreating there would be no recreating for him during the season. He was open from 5am to 9pm every day all season long and the shelves were always full, he always said "you can't sell off of empty shelves".
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                        "Given our "need" to be outdoors--we "must" have our weekends"

                        This is my last post on this subject, but it is a crying shame that a outdoor sporting goods business in our community puts its "wants" before the customer!
                        Not real hard to work up some schedules that benift the employees and customers!
                        Just remember--without the customer- you have no business.


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                          Given your "needs" I "must" take my business else where.


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                            If you're going to be closed on Saturday then you really should stay open until 8pm during the week.
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                              Kinda odd the OP hasn't chimed in on any of the posts they have made about this subject after all of the negative comments. I also think it's a terrible idea. My .02
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