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  • speed loss

    I switched from a 225 Etec to a new 250 Etec last year. For some reason with the same prop I lost 6 mph out of the gate. The 225 was a 60 degree motor and the 250 is a 90 degree motor. Do you think this is because the motor is not broke in yet?

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    Are you running the same RPM with the same prop, the new motor may now be under-propped? Also, as far as break-in, there may be a timed limiter programmed into the ECM as BRP/CanAM/Bombardier typically does with their products, especially with the ETEC. Have you referred to your owners manual, or called the dealer?


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      I'm pretty sure the programmed break in period .338WM mentioned only applies to their Ski-doo line of E-Tecs, but not their outboard products - could be wrong though.

      I'd double check w dealer for sure - good point on the same RPM question as well - that is a direct indicator.


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        Is your max RPM still correct? It may be that the new motor has a different drive ratio, and therefore requires a different prop pitch to accomplish the same thing. Using the same props, you may be either over-propped (lugging the motor) or under-propped (hitting the rev limiter).
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          Need more info. Like what type boat. Check the mounting hight. Do the motors weigh the same? If you are making max rpm's add prop.


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