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    Hi All. I wanted to post a couple pics of our trip this past weekend to PWS, complete with tent camping ON the boat. We were back and forth about trying to tie off the boat somehow so we could tent on the shore...but we didn't want the possibility of getting the boat deposited too high then not seeing a high enough tide to float the boat again. so we decided to put the tent on the stern of my boat. It jammed the tent poles a little bit but not enough to make the tent floppy. The tent is one of those little 3 or 4 man jobs that pops up like an umbrella. My boys love the thing and always wanting to play in it. So we packed the boat full of too much stuff and away we went. Ya'll let me know about some of your odd camping arrangements...enjoy the pics!
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    looks down right cozy


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      There is a technique for anchoring your boat and tying off to shore so you can get off on shore and then pull the boat off shore to the anchor so it doesn't beach, yet you can pull it in whenever you want. Sounds like that might resolve your concern about beaching the boat too high and dry.


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        Try one of these


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          Great looking family and a fun time I bet. We "camp" on our 22' boat all the time. I re-configured the cabin and added a zip in mooring cover with window for the back. It serves us well. We have been doing this 5 years.

          In my opinion, the best way to "beach" camp is to have a small inflatable or kayak. Even a very small one person boats works. It is the best way to ensure your boat is properly anchored for the night. When I anchor for the night, I think of my boat as a much larger vessel. I ensure I am in deep enough water, proper sized anchor and chain, plenty of scope on my rode and I set the anchor. I also NEVER attach anything to the stearn (except maybe our raft). We have yet to have an issue. I haven't used and anchor buddy.
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            I bought a used packraft last summer to go to shore after anchoring the boat in deep enough water to stay floating at all tide stages. It's a little tricky getting in and out of it, but it rolls up into a small duffel bag when I'm not using it.
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              Originally posted by MRFISH View Post
              I bought a used packraft last summer to go to shore after anchoring the boat in deep enough water to stay floating at all tide stages. It's a little tricky getting in and out of it, but it rolls up into a small duffel bag when I'm not using it.
              And what will you do if a bear decides to play with it while you are exploring?
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                Al great replies, thanks to all. well, I was out to Cabelas the other day and found they had anchor buddy's so I got 2 of them. I had ran into 2 guys hunting out of a little boat similar to mine and they were using 2 of them. They recommended 2 because they said sometimes that 50 foot stretch might not be quite enough to get them out to deep enough water. But they did tell me that they usually stay in the same places regularly and have the lengths and depths figured out. i think for me in PWS, I tend to anchor in fairly shallow water anyway so I think these are going to work well. My boat is a soft top so I really don't have much of a place to put my Zodiac. i told my wife the other day I wanted to tow it out there the next time we go and she gave me a funny look.. I told her folks tow boats all the time and it wasn't a big deal but she is a bit nervous about it. This is one of those times for "forgiveness is easier than permission".. one of the guys on here told me a few years back about using some sort of pulley system to tug the boat back out to safer depths...if your on here buddy, please feel free to chime in and tell us about that deal.

                theguru, yeah "cozy" is a bit of an understatement.. :think:I was off the inflatable sleeping pad and my back was a touch awful the next morning..I think I was sleeping on a floor screw..


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                  You can also set your anchor & tie off to a bouy from the attach a pulley & enough rope to double to shore. Tie your boat on the line to the rope to shore. Then you can pull your boat back out to the bouy once your ashore.
                  Looks like a greet time with the family

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                    Using the Buoy is the way to go, those anchor buddys might work ok in some spots and for quick stops, but it keeps your boat awful close to shore.

                    I use about 100' of line to attach my anchor to my buoy. I don't use a pulley, just the normal ring I use to pull anchor in deep water. Run my normal 600' anchor line through the ring, to shore and around 2 trees. I do 2 trees to keep the boat from twisting on the line. Attach one end off the anchor line to the stern, and the other to the bow, also helps to keep from twisting. I attach the end with the chain spliced to it on the bow so when I pull the boat back out, I stop when I hear the chain hit the ring. Pull up the slack at one of the trees and tie it off so if the wind picks up it can't slip back through the ring and drift to shore.
                    I've used this method many times for hunting in the fall in bad weather, and it's always worked great. Having the boat setting in deep water and firmly tied to shore make's it a lot easier to walk away and leave for a day or two.
                    Keep in mind when you anchor what the shore will look like at high tide, a lot of alders and a steep bank can make it pretty hard to get back in the boat.
                    Here's a diagram so it make a little more sense.
                    Click image for larger version

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                      Originally posted by Music Man View Post
                      And what will you do if a bear decides to play with it while you are exploring?
                      I have had a bear play with my inflatable. Only had one out of 3 chambers left to get back to the big boat.

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                        Used two Anchor Buddies a few years ago. They worked OK, but, I didn't trust using them, if there was any chance of rough weather coming in. Kinda considered them a nice solution for beach picnics on nice days. Also, the hardware corroded badly, after using them in salt water for one season. The buoy method is better, and Wakester's diagram using 2 trees looks better still. But, the best method is a small raft or dinghy, towed behind or roof-topped. Hang it up in a tree, if there are bears around. The wife likes the idea of having a "life-boat", too, especially in cold water, where life-jackets only help them find your floating body.

                        PS - Don't skimp when buying ground tackle, (anchor, chain, or rode). I've seen some very expensive boats, with very cheap lines.
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                          Looks like you creating great memories for you, the Admiral and the deck hands! Keep it up and they will always thank you later....
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                            Thanks for the nice comments regarding making memories. My boys right now are fairly easy in that everything they do new or not is some sort of epic adventure. Its also like I am getting to be a little kid again. Funny thing happened out there on this trip...I was down in Culross near the end at Picturesque Bay and we had seen whales so were idling along watching for them...I heard all sorts of hollering and commotion and my 3 year old was in my chair "driving" for all he was worth...merely taking up the cable slack so he wasn't doing much but to him he was piloting "daddy's big boat". He did that for what seemed like a long time but maybe 2 minutes but to him it was awesome. Heading back out there this weekend...hoping to glimpse a bear but warm as its been I would say I'll have to scale a glacier to find one.

                            PWSWakester, thanks for that drawing! I wanted to ask, do you set in your anchor with the auxilliary rode, then just clip it into the bouy? You also mentioned having a 600 foot anchor main rode, I also have 600 feet. If I am camping in a very tight cove with minimal water to start with, what do you do with the other 400-500 feet of rode...pile it up somewhere??


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