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    I got a decent sized boats for me at (24ft), and fish often in pws so I anchor in 100-300 feet for halibut. I tried the electric haulers and so far broke 3 of them, have been doing the buoy method and it works but just not comfortable with it. Has anybody used a small gas or hydraulic unit setup to haul anchors? Looking at modifying this to be able to haul anchors.

    Any other thoughts? Or helpful tips would be awesome.

    Thanks everybody.

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    I'd say just take the plunge and get a decent drum puller and be done with it.

    I don't mind using a buoy, but when I finally upgrade I'm going with a drum unit. Drop and retrieve from the helm, no messing around trying to make something work or using an undersize unit.
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      I'd be careful with those gas haulers with the tiny captsan head, if you get a nub of rope or a sleeve of your shirt or jacket caught under the rope it will take a riding turn on the head and wind the whole mess up, they are dangerous. If the rope/line doesn't lead just right into the head thats when the trouble starts. OK so time for my pitch for my Electra Dyne haulers, they'll pull your anchor as well as your shrimp pots. If your set on buying a windlass i'd say look into the Good Windlass's they are bombproof units.
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