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  • Talking about windlass's

    Members of another site i hang out on were talking about windlass's so i thought you guys might like to see this.

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    Anchor Windlass Revisit

    I'm trying to figure out if there is a difference in reliabilty between verticle and horizontal windlasses. I've got to get one added this year, as my little kids love to fish and I can't leave them to go up to the bow to haul an anchor it. ( i can go up for a minute to secure the anchor). We are fishing the Chesapeake so the deepest we'd ever anchor is 40 or 50'.....There are no haulers or hydraulics on the boat.

    Any thoughts are appreciated.

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    Only choice is really the Good Vertical, or the Lewmar Profish Horizontal.

    Those 2 are the best choices out there.
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    I would also go with the Good Vertical. The motor is below deck, stays dry, very important. I had one on my last boat and I loved it. Also the free fall feature is worth every penny. Never had a problem with the unit.
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    The vertical has an advantage in the amount of chain or rode it can grip before sending into deck fitting. There is more of a turn around capstan and more bite thus less likely to slip..
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    Lewmar Profish will get eaten up. Good Windlass is Excellent.
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