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2006 200 optimax air compressor

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  • 2006 200 optimax air compressor

    So was out on the big sue yesterday when motor started sounding funny and not running to hot then died all together. Popped the cover off to find the bolts holes that hold the air compressor to the motor had cracked and let the air compressor flop around managed to secure the compressor back to the motor and limped back to the landing has anyone ever seen or heard of this or what would cause this I'm stumped

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    Picture or the cracked bolt holes on the air compressor
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      Sorry, they fail. I had a 2001 50hp Tohatsu TLDI which shares the same Orbital Injection System as the Mercury Optimax motors. When the air compressors fail, the engines won't run. I blew out 3 on my motor. Running the engine to hard, to many RPMs for to long kills them. I had one mechanic increase the oil flow and thay may have helped. Over the years the motor was in the shop to often and I sold it with about 150 hours on the clock. At first the air pump was covered under warranty, but afterwards those suckers were to expensive.



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        Same thing happened to me on my 05. New compressor was $950 or so I changed it my self. With the ears being broke the stud that bolts through the compressor on the bottom is more than likely broke off in the block as well. The new compressors use 2 studs... From the research I did when mine broke its a known issue....


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          Thanks nate thought i did something to cause it sure had me baffled as I didn't do anything to cause it how did you get the lower sheared off bolt off I called Alaska frontier fab up today $735 I'll install myself dropping off two impellers also to get redone good thing headed back to work tomorrow been a expensive weekend


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            Sent you a PM amcnak...


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              Any updates?


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