4 stroke choke? (And old fuel/water problems)



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  • 4 stroke choke? (And old fuel/water problems)

    Bought a Starcraft pontoon boat with a 2010 9.9 4 stroke evinrude ( my G'pa boat)

    it it had been sitting a couple years, had trouble starting it seemed flooded (backfired and there were some minor flames although my wife considers them "major") eventually started then stalled out before we could get underway, eventually got underway but every few minutes it would stop running but fire right back up, did this several times. About the time I decided to head back it conked out for good and we rode the wind a mile back to our dock, good quality time with the missus!!!

    I suspected bad fuel,drained the bowl and it did look funky. I drained the 10 gallon tank totally refilled with half a can of sea foam and reconnected. Wouldn't start despite several attempts. after dinner I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep so I went back and drained the bowl again it looked very dark almost orange but then after some bulb squeezing it started to run clear.

    second attempt it fired up but while we debated casting off it died at idle and a couple attempts would not start it (I think it was flooded AND the battery was getting weak)

    im pretty sure my MAIN problem is dirty contaminated gas, but I also have 2 questions

    Choke: I'm an old tiller steer guy, the previous owner told me to push in the key when I turn it and this chokes the motor. I don't feel much difference if any when I push on the key. somebody said this is just making an electrical connection to an electrical choke does that make sense?

    Nuetral: of course I have to start I in nuetral, but once started there's no way to up the rpms except pushing it into forward or reverse. Is that correct? Or should I be able to nudge the rpms up withOUT engaging forward?

    Grandpa's 1936 1 1/2 horse evinrude is starting to look pretty good right now, I put fresh gas in that thing after it sat 35 years and it fired up second pull. (

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    Yes the key switch is the choke I have had that same thing on a few motors. I had a similar problem with my 4hp outboard where it would run and die it was hard as hell to start and just a pita to get to run. It would fire but pull and pull and pull and drain the bowl then it would fire and maybe run for a second or two and die. Well the problem ended up being a partially fowled plug. It had spark just not enough I guess. I put a new plug in it and problem fixed..

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      This might work for you to adjust the rpm's without shifting into gear. It sounds like you have a remote steering and throttle station. Hold the throttle arm at it's base, where it attaches to the housing, and pull directly out maybe 1/2 inch, then push the arm forward. This lets it move the throttle cable without engaging the shifter cable. Not sure if this will work for your set up. Don't force anything. Post a picture of your throttle set up. Many of them have a lever for adjusting the rpm's, but I'm guessing you don't have that.
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