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Little spy things in PWS...from NOAA

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  • Little spy things in PWS...from NOAA

    Saw this in the Valdez Star and thought I would pass it on, something good to know if you are boating in PWS this summer, especially around Naked Island:

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    Thanks for letting me know .... this is my main stomping grounds and I am there at lease a dozen times a year, not that I would pull one out of the things out of the water but if I see one I will remember this post ..... do not log on to Noaa that often, they need to work on their public info .... more than posting on their own site and Valdezstar... should do a story on the ADN or Alaska Dispatch site ..... real news.

    Good luck this season.


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      Instead of putting all that equipment on that expensive surfboard, they probably could have just put it on top of somebody's floating / "stolen" shrimp pot buoy making its way around the sound.

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