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  • Ice in PWS

    Not sure if you are all frothing at the mouth like me to get the boat in the water. Flew over the sound on the way back from Juneau last night and it was glassy. Just FYI, some of the more protected bays still had some ice - might wanna be on the look out for it if you're heading out soon. Took this photo of Kings Bay last night.

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    Had a thin sheet of ice in the narrows of Culross passage this weekend as well.


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      Cochran also had ice in the coves
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        I got iced in about a true inch thick in the small bay I spent Saturday night in. Sounded ugly at 4am in the dark as the tide turned and was breaking up against my hull. Yet like an idiot, im headed back there tomorrow :-)


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          We try to avoid coves in favor of outside bites or any area more open in protected bays. Hit some ice mid-way through Culross Pass last year but clear for us last weekend. Back out this weekend even though it looks nasty but appears the bad stuff with be further out. Coves along the mainland are always more susceptible to freezing this time of year, further out amongst the islands your usually fine.

          Fact is my avatar is a picture taken a few years back on a frosty morning in Surprise cove as we break through about 1 inch of ice on our previous 22ft C-dory.
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