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Need some help on jon boat

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  • Need some help on jon boat

    Hey guys,

    So I have a 1760 polar kraft that is built like a freight train. Im having the bow replaced(the last owner used steel to aluminum which is a big no no!) and it will not be a 18 1/2 x 60 boat. Right now it has a 70 hp prop on it.

    At this moment of the rebuild Ive gutted the whole boat. I am trying to decide on a center console vs a side console. I would prefer a tiller but finding a tiller handle for my motor has been pretty difficult. I would like to keep the boat as light as possible

    I was thinking center just due to the fact ill be able to keep my weight in the middle. I will be using the boat at Lake louise and some rivers and lakes. Only freshwater. It is a mod v boat. Mostly using it with 2-3 people and either rifles and shotguns or fishing rods. Nothing real major.

    Thanks guys and if you have pictures of aluminum boats your like let me know so I can get an idea!


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    Center console is nice for balance but takes up more floor space.

    Floor space is key if the boat is multi use.

    I like a side console & counter balance your weight with gear/gas.


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      When I had my jet powered jon boat I originaly set the console in the center, but I found that moving around it was too difficult so I moved it to the starboard side and was much happier for doing so. There were no issues balancing it, fuel and water containers made that a breeze.

      I have to ask why you want a console and are going to go tiller, that is counter productive and counter intuitive. A steering helm weighs almost nothing after the console is mounted, not to mention is an improvement over tiller handling anyhow.


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        I read it that he would prefer a tiller, but since he cannot find one - he is going to go with a console and steering.


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          Originally posted by Bullelkklr View Post
          I read it that he would prefer a tiller, but since he cannot find one - he is going to go with a console and steering.
          Ah, I did not pick it up that way. Makes much more sense now that you pointed it out.


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            That is correct Bullelkklr. I would like to go tiller but will go with a console since that is how the motor is set up at the moment.

            I am still thinking about a side console but am worried about the spray hitting me sitting on the side. Any opinions?

            The boat is going in the next two weeks to the welder to get a new mod v bow added. It will turn it from 17 feet to 18 1/2 ft long.


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