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Long trips with a small obj

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  • Long trips with a small obj

    What kind of distance do you guys run with your smaller obj sleds? I have made a lot of runs between 40-70 miles but I am planning on taking a trip around a 180. I am using a bare bones 1652j alweld and 40/28 yamaha. I am going to bring 40 gal which should leave me with enough to check out a few short tributaries.

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    Where are you going?

    Wherever it is, bring more gas than you need. You can't use the gas you left at home (Ancient Yukon Proverb).


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      If you can - stash some at a couple places. 5 gal here, 5 gal there. Benchmark it and use it on your pull back. I always worry whether it will be there when I get there and need it though. I hear about Griz liking the taste of plastic fuel cans, but have not had that experience myself - but I don't stash it very often.


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        The Gf and I are leaving tomorrow for are trip down part of the Mississippi river in northern Mn. Close to the halfway point there is a gas station within walking distance if I am going through more then I planned on.

        I see all the videos and pictures of the rivers you guys have up there and makes me wish we had that around here.


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