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Looking for advice with jet.

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  • Looking for advice with jet.

    I just recently converted my 50hp mercury 4 stroke back to a tiller with the intentions to get a jet pump for it to be able to swap the motor back and forth between my Kenai boat and a smaller flatbottom boat so I can run shallower rivers. I've never run anything with a jet on it so not really sure what I can expect as far as performance, I was thinking of a smaller boat like a 16ft lowe or something similar in size. Anyone have any input on a good cheap light boat that this motor would be good on. It will be used for hunting so will have to be able to haul a little weight. Also how shallow of water can you run a jet pump in?

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    putting an outboard jet on reduces your performance 30% so they say put it on a 16 ft john boat with a small tunnel or no tunnel and that thing will be a shallow water machine your probaly not gonna haul everything in or out in one load but 50hp got to get good milage right?


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