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Outboard JET Stomp Grate

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  • Outboard JET Stomp Grate

    Anyone have experience with these, Pro's CON's? Karolds welding has them and looking at picking one up.

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    Worth their weight in gold, get one, you'll not regret it!

    Oops, it just registered that you are talking about an outboard jet, disregard my prior statement, I have no experience with a stomp grate such as that, only with inboard jets. On my outboard jet I always just tilted the motor up for cleaning if shutting it down and drifting for a few seconds did not clear it.


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      i always just tilted and used a screw driver also but if hes got them for sale i cant see why it would do any harm. the only suck thing i could see is the foot on an outboard jet hits the ground alot and you might have to replace it sooner than later, with that being said iv never seen one so it might be tougher than crap . get one and tell us how it works


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        Anything that reduces flow or may induce cavitation on an OBJ pump can't be good. OBJs have enough of a performance drop as it is without adding to it. Never used one, never felt it was worth it as its easy enough to stop and clean.
        Fighting gravity is never cheap.


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          take a measurement of the thickness of your grate bars and see how many inches of your intake they use up then do the same for the stomper if it takes up less or equal room than the factory grate shouldnt be a problem


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            Works Good - But Not Indestructible

            I had one on a 150HP OBJ on a Wooldridge with a tunnel.
            It worked awesome and saved all kinds of hassle getting gravel & or seaweed out of the grate.
            Make sure to reduce rpm to idle speed when you open it or you can suck everything that comes loose into the jet

            Went over a log one day on twentymile and the stomp grate got bent out of shape pretty badly.
            Stopped, pulled over, bent it back enough to get it to almost close and continued.
            Took it off at home and pounded/welded it back into shape.

            I always carried the full set of original grates & necessary tools to allow removal of the stomp in the field if needed.

            Also the stomp spring was a little bit sloppy and sometimes it would not stay tightly closed.

            Did not notice much if any loss of performance.


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