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    First things first... a huge THANK-YOU to all of you on this forum. Thanks to everyone who has posted threads, added their 2 cents, and responded to my PMs. This is truly a treasure-trove of information for Alaskan boating. For the last 9 months I have scoured the lists, researched what I found on this forum, and learned so much that I was completely confident when the right boat popped up that I would know it. I knew what I wanted, I knew the pluses and minuses of all those hotly debated topics, and when I finally found my boat I was able to move fast and make it happen. So thanks to all of you!

    This boat, Eagle VI, came up on the Seattle Craigslist and I jumped on it. I was able to get down there within a few days and test drive it and it comes as close to filling all of my families needs as I have found that is within my price range. Extra bonus: the gentleman that I bought it from is an absolutely wonderful person who was meticulous in his care, he had receipts and notes about everything he's ever done to the boat. He sold it because he's 74 and his fishing partner is 91. They're not done fishing, but they are getting something a little smaller and easier for them to launch and recover. I sure hope I'm fishing at 91! Truly amazing.

    The stats:
    23' Wooldridge SS XL Offshore
    Evinrude 225 main
    Yamaha 8hp kicker
    Full electronics suite with radar
    Nice array of little extras - downriggers, dingy, windlass, radio, outdoor speakers, full back cover etc...

    For anyone who's looking for aluminum, don't rule out Seattle and Portland. I actually saw more aluminum boat possibilities on the Portland list overall than anywhere else. Had a buddy put it on the ferry in Bellingham and I went and picked it up in Haines from Anchorage. $2,100 for the ferry, $400 in gas, and $200 in road-trip expenses. Pretty happy with that total. The road to Haines is actually very good, other than the stretch from Burwash to Beaver Creek... which sucks pretty bad. But it's a small percentage of the total drive.

    Once again, thanks to everyone who takes the time to make this forum so awesome. With any luck I'll have a few opinions of my own to post by the end of the summer. Can't wait to see you guys out on the water.
    The Tug is the Drug
    2007 Wooldridge Super Sport Offshore - Evinrude Etec 225 - "Eagle VI"

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    Congrats to you! Truly happy for you and your find. Totallly agree with your input about the fourm. We planned for a very long time and used much of the input from here into our build. Enjoy!!!!
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      Congratulations on your new vessel. AOD is hands down the best collection of imformation and help for anything Alaskan. Since joning
      I have found a job, a van, bought land, fixed gun problems, gained fishing and hunting knowledge and made friends
      If we all agreed....this would be no fun


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        Congrats on the new boat! Looks like a really nice boat and sounds like its ready to fish.


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          Congratulations on the new boat, look like he had it outfitted it nicely,I like the rear deck canvas.
          This is a nice economical package to run, as well as being hard to find, very few of these come up for sale. Be sure and post some pics of it on the water this summer.


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            Congrats that is a fine water ride and all set for fishing, 'cept maybe for shrimp pots! Wondering where you will launch and fish and if you will keep the Eagle VI (6?) name on the VHF or change it, so we can hail you if we see you on the water. Don't forget the proper ceremony if you change the boat name, and for sure keep the bananas off the boat


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              Congrats to you, I'm still searching for mine and have been real tempted to head down south as well. I too look forward to some action photos.


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                Originally posted by kpaboater View Post
                Congrats to you, I'm still searching for mine and have been real tempted to head down south as well. I too look forward to some action photos.
                If you are interested in one like Cavokak just purchased let me know I know of one that is available.


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                  Congrats on your new boat!!....ur gonna love
                  That wooly!! larry
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                    Nice ride Cavokak!
                    Where and what have you been doing with it?
                    Any pics out on the water?

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                      Excellent! We will see you on the water.
                      ... aboard the 'Memory Maker' sigpic Making Memories one Wave at a Time!


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                        BK thanks for reminding me... I should follow up.

                        Boat has been awesome. We have been all over PWS, love the shrimping and been able to get into butts and cod here and there. Took it down to Homer for a few days and got into some kings as well. Had to modify a few things as I went, but overall I'm extremely happy with the boat. It seems to cut through the chop reasonably comfortably and Wooldridge does a great job with utilization of space, so 6 people on the boat and fishing 4 to 5 works out pretty well. Everybody bags on the ETEC, but so far the 225 has been a serious workhorse and hasn't sputtered once, getting close to 100 hours on it so far this season. Knock on wood, I hope she keeps purring. So it goes.... the best beer in the world is the one in your hand!

                        I scoured the forums for fishing spots and pretty much came up with the same results as everybody else in PWS... some days good, some days not unless I make the run way out. Now we head for Seward this month. Still trying to figure out where to go for bottom fish, but my guess is there will be a few hundred boats showing me the way this time of year.

                        Spent a few sleepless nights as I try to get comfortable with the anchoring up for the night thing. I guess the more you do it, the more confident you get, probably never sleep like a baby out there.

                        Anyway, amazing summer so far, hanging in Seward in July. Come by for a cold one if you see the Eagle VI parked in a camp spot!

                        Camped on the Spit in Homer... sunrise out the back

                        Can't get enough of these guys in the Sound!



                        The Tug is the Drug
                        2007 Wooldridge Super Sport Offshore - Evinrude Etec 225 - "Eagle VI"


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