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  • Fuel piping to kicker

    Looking for information to connect my 8 hp kicker into the main fuel tank on my boat. The boat has a 115 hp outboard so the fuel hose is exposed at the transom. Does the hose to the kicker connect between the tank and the bulb or between the bulb and the big motor? Who in town (Anchorage) has parts to make this work?


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    "T" fitting

    A "T" fitting in the main line near the main motor would be simple. Then just run another line off the "T" to the kicker. I think I would put a shut off valve between the "T" and the kicker though. If you put the fitting in downstream of the bulb then it should work for charging the kicker line too.

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      Here is a link from the River Jet forum you might find interesting and give you some ideas: http://www.riverjetmagazine.com/fuse...threadid=11252


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        fuel piping

        I will check out the thread. Thank you.


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          Fuel outlet

          If you have not got a fuel water separating filter, I would install one and it has 2 fuel outlets, which gives you a port for your kicker line.
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            I agree with Frank. I also have a 115 hp outboard and just last week bought an 8 hp honda kicker. I thought about piping the kicker to my main fuel tank but after using the kicker for trolling this weekend have decided to just stick with the 3 gallon portable tank (I can troll all day on 3/4 of a gallon). My son is an outboard mechanic in Anchorage and he is the one who told me if I wanted to pipe from the main tank to just use one of the extra ports on the fuel water seperator.
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              I also agree with Frank. I run a seperate hose from the Racor filter for the kicker.


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