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  • Salt build up

    I have a 150 Yamaha 4 stroke and have noticed salt buildup under the cowling on the powerhead and accessories. Anyone have a good way to take this off? Can I spray this down with a hose and soapy water or will this cause problems?

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    There is a product called salt-away that works excellent, but for normal build up I use simple-green, spray it on and hose it off.
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      I have the same motor - can you actually spray a hose under the cowling? Awful lot of electrical stuff under there...


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        me too

        I also have the four stroke 150 yamaha. I'm not sure if you can spray water in there. I did notice the white build-up but I didn't think it was salt. Looks like corrosion to me. I just brushed it off and noticed the zinc on the motor under the power tilt/trim was covered with white stuff too. I used a stainless steel brush and cleaned that off too. hopefully that will help deal with whats building up under the cowling.


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          The best product that I know of on the market is ACF 50. Safe for electronics. Will save all that is immersed in salt water. Military uses on the helicopters as they are routinely shipped on cargo ships across the big pond.
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            Acf 50

            You should be able to spray off under the cowling as all electronics in outboards are sealed. Just spray it off on a sunny day an wait until the engine dries. Then apply ACF-50 to all electronic and electrical connectors. (it is a product used in aviation and it works very well in preventing corrosion and in some cases seems to reverse the process.) Also, if you do happen to buy this, put a little in the cannon plug of the fishfinder, this will save some headaches.



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              Is that the same stuff as Corrosion Block? I hate spraying lubricants on things that might attract dust. Does the ACF-50 evaporate?


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                Have a friend that uses WD40 on his whole boat and motors under the cowling's also when he goes to the salt. Yes it attracts dust but what is worse salt build up or dust that you can just spray off. Most of your electronics under the cowling should be water proofed already as it is in a marine environment. With his boat you wouldn't know it was ever in the salt. There is no pitting or paint peeling it looks almost brand new but the boat is 4 years old and so are the engines a 130 hp and 15 hp Honda's.
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                  I have been using WD40 in the salt for years and it works great. There is one issue with it to bring up, WD40 should not be left on rubber hoses as it will eat away at them. If you will just wipe it off the hoses after spraying your engine it will help keep the rubber in good shape. SeaULater


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