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  • New Boat Owner Question/s

    Is there an Alaskan list of what someone should take in there boat before heading out on it?

    The best place to practice with your boat to get use to it?

    Any other additional advice you may want to throw my way for a first time boat owner.


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    new boat owner

    The best thing I took with me on my first training run was a freind with lots of river boat experience problem was his experience was all on the lower Yukon with a prop and we were running the Tanana with a jet. Big learning curve for both of us! If I could learn all over again I would only ran the boat in a lake or slow wide river for the first month or so of learning. The coast gaurd Auxiliary also has classes and list of items not to leave home without I believe. Horse


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      river or salt water?

      Would help to know if you have a river boat or a saltwater boat for where you could practice. For either, I took the Coast Guard Auxiliary course (Basic Seamanship and Skills....or something like that) and would highly recommend it. If you are asking for a list of what to take out, safety-wise, then you are already way ahead of many boaters who just wing it and take their chances.


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        Boaters handbook

        There is so much one could write about this question. So, to not risk emphasizing one thing over antoher because there is not enought time to write all I would say let me point you towards what the state says:

        The alaska boaters handbook, published by the state is a basic guide to boat related issues, they also publish addenda related to some of our more popular places (Kachemak bay etc.)

        good luck

        throttle back and burn clean

        be safe


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          What to Bring

          The previous posts all include good suggestions. The most important thing to bring is your brain and the next most important a VHF radio for when you leave the first back in port.

          Good luck!


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            Sorry about not posting what Type of boat.

            18' River Runner Hewescraft, prop and jet unit Merc 115 w/8 HP kicker

            Right now I am just wanting to take it out on Lakes for right now until I get use to the boat then I may venture out to Seward or Whittier first.

            TY very much for the links and the list. No life is worth the risk I feel.

            Thanks Again


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              If you are new to the boat or to boating in general, I'd not take it out of Whittier or Seward for your first run. I also have an 18.5' Hewes River Runner. I really like the boat, but it's built mainly for the river or protected lakes, not the ocean. I often take it on Skilak Lake but it's limited to relatively good days. With any significant chop you'll be skipping and skidding like a flat rock across the crests. A very rough and skittish ride.



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                Thanks for the advice Mayonaze. I was just going to stay in the Valley (Big Lake) area for the season until I get use to the boat.

                Is there a list of equipment that you check off to make sure you have everything before going on a boating trip?

                I got the list of Safety equipment list from the coast guard thanks to you all but what else besides that list should I take along with me.


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                  Federal & State Lists



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                    With a boat like the River Runner you may often be operating in shallow water. No guarentee you'll be able to reach the bank by stepping directly from the boat so have a pair of tall boots or hip waders handy to launch or land the boat.


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                      Since you are a newbie like me. Here is something that I learned early on. A set of waders for EVERYONE on board is necessary. When (not if) you park it on a sand bar, mud shelf, log or even 4 inches of duck dung (been there done that, Flathorn is skinny) you need to lighten the boat up as much as possible. You may also need everyone to push it to deeper water. Carry spare socks (and a towel) too, I vacuum seal mine. Wool works great to wick the moisture off soggy feet. Sometimes when pushing a boat the water gets real deep real fast.
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                        My List so far

                        Extra Prop
                        Extra clothing ie. socks, pant, shirt, jacket (sealed in waterprrof container)
                        life jackets for everyone
                        (1) throw life recovery w/rope attached to it
                        (1) 5 gallon of extra fuel
                        2 paddles
                        First aide kit
                        200' + of rope
                        Fire Extinguisher

                        This is my list so far anything else?


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                          Vessel Safety Check

                          Get a Vessel Safety Check from the USCG Aux. and discuss any questions you have with the examiner. You should also look through this whole site (not just the one that comes up in the link.)


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                            You might want to ferret away an extra set of transom plugs and keys to the ignition in the boat's glove box in case you trailer the boat 100+ miles to the launch and find that your primary set of plugs or keys are missing. Murphy's Law rules. Not that I've done this myself, you understand ...

                            And install the plugs before you back the trailer into the water. Not that I've done this myself ...

                            And remember to unplug the trailer lights before you back into the water. Not that I've ...

                            And release the straps that keep the boat on the trailer before you back into the water ....

                            Learning the hard way. That's my credo.


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