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  • modified v. vs. square bow

    Can someone tell me what is the dynamics behind a square bow vs. the bow that angles to a point? I was pricing out the 16' Lowe riveted jons at AK mining & diving but they only have the square bow's left. I forgot to ask him that question.

    Also, I will be mostly fishing the Kenai. If I'm fishing alone or with just another person in a 16' welded with tiller motor i.e. 15hp merc 4 stroke long shaft; I think I would be slightly under powered and if so, will it not be good for the motor? I'm not one that likes to run open throttle all the time. I don't think I'll be getting a bigger motor in the near future so it's either a riveted or spend a bit more for welded. Thanks.
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    I would rather have a squared off bow. Easier to get in and out of, easier to load the 4 wheeler (you might now be doing that in a 16'er).

    From looking at the pictures of the hulls, the modified vee hulls do have a slight vee to the front, which might give it a little smoother ride in choppy water, but that part of the boat won't be in the water when on step.

    I'm not sure the purpose of the modified vee's. In the pictures I'm looking at the vee only goes back maybe 4'. They look like they're a little narrower in the fron too.

    The flat nose may not look as cool as the vee bow, but I think the flat would be more functional. I wish my current boat (Jetcraft XS) had a flat nose on it.

    One other thing. Do what ever you need to, scrimp, save, beg, borrow to get the 35hp engine, you'll be MUCH happier...

    It isn't good for any engine to be running WOT all the time, very hard on stuff.


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      thanks farmer, sent ya a pm


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