Any opinions on Wookdridge sport offshore with extended bracked?



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  • Any opinions on Wookdridge sport offshore with extended bracked?

    There are 2 sizes, 17 ft and a 20 ft. Have been looking at them on the wooldridge site. There are not many used ones. If anyone has knowledge about them I would like your opinions. Want a boat to use in Valdez to fish silvers and halibot. Need a canvas top to get out of the weather. Dont want an old boat with a old used up motor. Dont want to spend over 35k, even that seems high to me. Dont really know what to get. Have been looking at Arimas, Stripers, hewescraft, thunder jet luxor.

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    Wooldridge makes a great boat, However I have never been on/in a sport offshore, here are a couple used ones, I would look at the 20 footers, the 17 is a nice boat but you will be wishing it was 20 soon enough and then 23..............LOL
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      I would never buy an ocean boat without the extended transom. That gives you a lot more room and less of a chance of a following wave swamping the rear fishing deck.

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