Boating Courses in Anchorage?



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  • skydiver
    Do a Google search for Coast Guard Auxilliary in Alaska. They offer a 6-week(?) course among others. I took that course maybe 12 years ago and it is a good one. Not expensive, either.

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  • jmg
    started a topic Boating Courses in Anchorage?

    Boating Courses in Anchorage?

    We spent this past weekend on the water a bit and my wife has finally agreed that a boat may very well be in our future. Like any other aspect where big safety issues are involved, especially where my family is involved, I would like to get a lot more educated about running them, open water navigation, how to use all the electronics, etc., before I just jump into it. What types of courses are available for this, and do you have any recommendations on them? I found a few things on the state's website yesterday, but didn't really find any calendars or many specifics.


    Thanks in advance.

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