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Another Lesson Learned The Hard Way

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  • Another Lesson Learned The Hard Way

    I figured it was time to tune up my small outboard. Maybe new plugs, new water pump, it stopped peeing, have the tiller handle nobby rewelded, general maintenance stuff. Over the years this outboard has performed flawless, always took a little coaxing to start but always fired and ran good every time. That's until I took it to an outboard shop in Anchorage for the tune up. Frankly I should have done the work myself and wanted to but I was short on spare time.

    First of all, when I picked up the water pump was not replaced like I had asked, not even inspected. This was a result of the people in the front office paying more attention to the forever ringing off the hook phone line than a customer with cash and motor in hand. I passed between two different people and consequentially the work order did not reflect my requests.

    Secondly, they said they fixed the peeing problem. WRONG! After the first 5 seconds of running the motor stopped peeing. ***

    The frame of my outboard sports a knob that prevents the handle from being pushed down. I asked for that to be fixed. No problem they said, it wasn't 30 minutes before that busted off from light pressure. This was an amateurish bubble gum weld that look like something straight out a back yard fix. I could have done that.

    What really left me livid is the motor would fire and run for no more than 10 seconds before it flooded and spewed gas out of the carb. All of this happened on the first startup after JKimberly maintained my outboard. So I immediately called him up while on the lake. His response, there's nothing I can do about that, it ran fine in the shop, sorry. After a few more minutes on the phone it was obvious I was hosed by this joke. I was fighting mad.

    How is it possible I was charged money for maintenance and they made the outboard run worse after they "performed maintenance."

    The problem was a stuck float and I believe the problem was from bad gas on their part. The motor didn't even run long enough to take fuel from my tank, so my gas was not the problem. I have always kept my tank full of clean gas to prevent problems. I am so disappointed a company would pull such crap on a paying customer.

    Never again will I let this joke touch any of me equipment. NEVER. The outboard ran worse after leaving his shop and he said there is nothing he can do about it. I guess they call that customer service.

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    After an hour of fiddeling I cleared the bowl, to their credit the motor ran good, sans peeing, but the motor ran good when I dropped it off too. So they didn't screw it up beyond my ability.

    Luckily the day wasn't wasted due to these incompetent fools. Here's a pic of the welded nobby and some fish i caught with my daughter.



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      Looks like Fire lake Pike I know who put them in there many years ago.
      Sorry you had such bad service "word of mouth best and worst advertisement there is".
      When it is good you tell a few friends but when it is bad you tell the world.


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        My word of mouth has barely started. Screw me once but you ain't screwing me twice. I'm going to call them again tomorrow, lay all my disappointment on the table and see where they take it. Still, I will never trust them with my outboard again. I've had some bad experiences in the past but this one is far above the rest.

        There is no debating it, 5 lbs pike are much more fun than 6 inch stockers. My daughter even got two to strike her lure, but she still needs to work on setting the hook.


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          Originally posted by Water_Gremlin View Post
          but she still needs to work on setting the hook.
          like father, like daughter......was she using a mouse by chance?...lmbo
          pull my finger....


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            Plastic leech.


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              I too have had a negative experience with JKim. I think that the owner is compentent if he actually works on your motor. My problem is the same thing I run into in almost every shop in Anchorage. You explain the situation which is always more detail than on a filled out a work order. The detail never gets passed along so I get screwed with many hours of wasted labor because nobody communicates the whole story to the person actually performing the work. At Jkims shop he hosed me out of 4 hours of wasted labor because he did not tell the mechanic who actually did the work what not to waste his time looking for. That important piece of info did not make it on a work order. Deweys rebuilt the wrong freekin motor once when I had twins. The mechanic did not even bother to read the work order which clearly stated which motor had the issue. They were kind enough not to charge me for the labor on that botched job. My advice is fill out the work orders in as much detail as is humanly possible.


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                Glad someone is killing those boney toothy monsters.
                When seconds count, the cops are just minutes away.
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                  Originally posted by Water_Gremlin View Post
                  I'm going to call them again tomorrow, lay all my disappointment on the table and see where they take it.
                  So.......? Anything?
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                    Where is


                    located in Anchorage???....sounds like others need to be told where to stay away from!!!
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                      Welding those things is a pain in the ass. I've tried several with no luck. No trying to appologize for those guys, but it's going to take a real welding pro to get that cast piece fixed...they shouldn't have even tried.
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