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  • Help with Jet conversion

    I'm looking to convert my ~'82 Johnson Sea Horse 115hp to a jet. Talked with Jim at J. Kimberly, who tells me I need an R unit. I found a guy who says he has what I need, but I want to be sure.

    As I can't drag Jim around with me, I was hoping one of you could point me to some pictures or a diagram showing how to identify an R type vs. others. I'm really not in the mood to waste $500+.

    Any help would be most appreciated!

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    Check out if you havent already.

    Also, I believe Gary at Greatland welding would be able to answer just about any questions you have.

    I put a used jet unit that I picked up onto a 35 Hp Merc that I had and it was not that hard to do.


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