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Whittier tunnel passes

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  • Whittier tunnel passes

    Bought 30 truck with trailer passes, want to sell 20 at $15 each, good forever.

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    I didn't know they had truck w/trailer passes? Is it something new?
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      Will they get a truck and ACB through the tunnel? If so, I'm interested as I've got both!


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        The books are not new. The ones ACBMAN has are for Class B1 truck/trailer...see reference here. When you buy the book it is good for the specific class so if you tow your boat through each time, the B1 are what you need. otherwise if you leave your boat in Whittier and drive the truck through for the rest of the summer you want the Class A tickets.


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          I do that same thing every time I run out of them, you can pay $15 out of the book or go ahead and pay $20 at the gate, they have done this a long time. But you have to have the right class my truck and boat go over for $20 at the gate, but if your boat is longer than (what ever then you need the next higher class of pass.
          Simple math says ACB's ever 4th trip is free, has been for me going on well from week one.


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            Simple math says ACBMAN's Aluminum Chambered Boat is narrower than mine...waaaaaaaaaaaah!


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              Passes are for vehicle with trailers that don't need permits, message me if you want any.


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                I suppose you've sold these since I see this post is nearly a year old...

                Originally posted by ACBMAN View Post
                Bought 30 truck with trailer passes, want to sell 20 at $15 each, good forever.


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