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  • Kasitsna Bay....?

    We are headed to a rented cabin on MacDonald Spit on this coming Sunday the 22nd.

    Was wondering about access from the Kasitsna bay side, I have been told that you need a 12'-13' plus tide to get in there, but just wondering if thats a fact?
    We will be in a OB/ proped, river boat, still needs some water.

    I am somewhat familar with the area as I have been back into Tutka a number of times, I just never had a reason to go into Kasitsna bay, there always was a lot of boat traffic in & out of there & I just figured with the amount of activity and private cabins I would stay away.

    I have looked at the aproach and realize to access the area directly behind the spit one needs to go almost to the mainland and then cut back almost paralleling the spit.
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