Etec fuel efficiency with a heavy load




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  • Etec fuel efficiency with a heavy load

    Iíve seen questions in the past about the Etec fuel efficiency, and also read about some people interested in Kingfisher boats. I just calculated my fuel efficiency for my recent hunting trip that I took with my brother and a friend.

    My boat is a 26í Kingfisher with a 250hp Etec. Total trip distance was 135 miles, and I burned 80 gallons of fuel. This computes to 1.69 mi/gal. I used just over 1 gallon of XD100 oil too, which was between a 60 and 70:1 burn ratio.

    Sea conditions going out varied between heading into 3ft seas, to confused seas, to quartering seas. I probably averaged 15-20mph SOG most of this leg. Boat was loaded heavier than normal because I took an extra 60 gallons of fuel just in case we needed/wanted to wander or check a lot of the hunt unit. That put an extra 400lbs in the boat on top of the gear for 3 people on a hunt were we ate very well, had plenty of water, and didnít really want for anything.

    Coming back, the seas were great. Aside from maneuvering to avoid whales in two areas and slowing for tidal rip by Ugak Island, I ran about 30mph most of the way by turning around 4500rpm. That was good because I needed to run that fast to keep on a semi-efficient plane since the boat was much heavier. I still had 30 gallons of the extra fuel on board, but I also had approaching 1000lbs of buffalo meat, hide, and head on board. That put me squatting in the stern more than Iíve ever had the boat, and I had about 2Ē of freeboard from the top of the swim deck.

    No problems with the boat, and was pleased with my winter improvements that I made to the boat (seat conversion to a bed, through deck fitting added to make the chain locker usable, ran ducting from my Wallas heater (one up through the dash, one into the cuddy, and one mid-cabin 3Ē above the deck), sent my Wallas to Scan Marine for maint, added two LED lights in the cabin, raised my kicker 5Ē to keep it well out of the water when running on the main, and sealing the two fish holds to keep them dry).

    I also bought enough additional heater ducting so I could remove the fixed heat ducting off the heater outputs after a day of hunting and slide two 2í long pieces of ducting onto the heater outputs so I could put their ends in our boots to dry them. That worked great, and was especially useful for drying the inside of hip waders that are notoriously hard to dry once damp!

    Biggest thing Iíd like to improve is a way to keep the moisture down in the cabin after a nightís sleep. Iíve got a few ideas, but like all changes to the boat, they must be pondered for a while.

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    Sweet looking ride and a good summary to boot! I ran a 24' Glasply out of Juneau for many years and really miss the salt at times, nothing like fresh crab and fish year round you collected yourself.

    Do you run the I-Command gauges on your E-Tec? I've got pair of them, you get tons of information out of them that's quite useful related to fuel consumption, engine operating conditions, etc -- if you're the techie type it's interesting stuff. Go find a copy of EVDIAG online, get or make a data cable, and fire up the laptop and connect to your motor for a real treat.... Don't blame me if you hose something up

    Congrats on the buffalo - I finally drew a Delta bison tag this past winter after 29 years of putting in, and shot a nice animal in December - best eating I've had.... Amazing stuff, will be really be bummed when we finally run out...



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      Thanks for the compliment XL. On top of the boat doing well, it was a fun trip.

      I installed a NMEA 2000 network on the boat last year and connected it to an LMF-200 multifunction gauge, my electronics, and the Etec. It's really nice to have the data available to share amongst the electronics, plus, I get all the engine info that I want since the network is plugged directly into the engine. I can view info on the gauge and also on my Lowrance chart plotter. Most of the time running I put the gauge on the fuel consumption page to max my efficiency with trim and throttle adjustments. That's what helped me find the best spot when I was running back really heavy. The manual calculation of fuel efficiency matched what I expected from watching my fuel consumption rate on the gauge. I calculated the overall fuel rate manually because I couldn't have the chart plotter or gauge calculate my overall rate because I siphoned fuel into my gas tank from the extra 15 gallon drums I took.

      By the way, someone on here posted a note about these drums with a thread to craigslist. I'll have to go see if I can find that thread and give reps because I used that post and had my hunting partners pick up 4 of them for me. They worked great, and I'm obviously saving them for future use too! I couldn't find anything like them here in Kodiak. You can just make out two empty ones up on the bow in my picture.


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        Quick update on E-tec with a heavy load... This weekend ran with a stack of T-111 sheathing up to the top of the seat cushions, 9 people, 2 labs, and 2 days worth of gear/chow/fishing stuff/etc and was able to get on step without issue and cruise right at 30 MPH heading downriver... not too shabby for a 20' with an OBJ...


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