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  • Wallas 1300 type heater

    Question for anyone out there who has a Wallas 1300 type heater. Are ther any problems with fumes at all from the unit? Startup fumes? What about exhaust fumes while fishing on deck? I really want to upgrade to one of these as the Mr Heater does not quite cut it. Roof vent or side of hardtop for venting? My wife is real sensitive to fumes from kero or diesel and I do not want to invest in something I can not use.

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    I had the wallas 1300 in my 24' Hewes. It was mounted up front along the front bulkhead. It was vented out the side of the cabin. I rarely smelled any fumes. Scan Marine recommended that I ran 100% mineral spirits. Go bigger if you can afford it. The hewes cabins are not very tight. I know you didn't ask, but my Espar performs much better and has not skipped a beat. My wallas had issues.
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      Ditto on all accounts to Spoiled one. Love the Espar. Wallas can be a maintenance pig!


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        I have a Wallas 1300 in my boat. No problems with the smell or fumes at all - we burn "Klean heat" synthetic fuel. My heater is mounted inside the back door & vented out the cabin wall. My only complaint is that it does not have a speed adjustment on it & it is only on or off.
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          Mounted a sigle burner stove top with fan hood, 4 years ago, not a single issue, but read the instructions, it's not a option it's a must. warms my cabin, no fumes no problems & yes used a lot.


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