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Oar Mounts on 16' Jon Boat with Center Console

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  • Oar Mounts on 16' Jon Boat with Center Console

    Hi All, just want to say thanks up front for all of the great information I've gotten from this forum over the past couple years.

    My Problem: I have a Lowe 1652 Jon Boat with 50hp Etec jet and a center console which I got new last year. I love my boat, but I realized quickly that the stock oar mounts will not work with my center console as the console gets in the way when I try to row. I was thinking about mounting some oars closer to the bow so I can sit on the bow deck and row, but it seems like it would be awkward & unbalanced trying to row from so far forward. Has anyone else struggled with this problem? If so, what solution did you come up with? Any ideas?

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    i have same boat but a g3 so my setup might be different than yours.. put a set in the back and a set up front. works okay for me, but i dont try to use it as a drift boat.
    i drilled thru the top rail and mounted a flat top like one with the tube going below the top. made a tight fit and epoxyied it in solid.
    on the back one side all i could use was a small length of tubing because of the plate that protect the wires running forward.


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      Thanks flatbottom. So where do you find it easier/better to row, from the front position or the back? Do you sit on the bow deck to row from the front? I was hoping to be able to do some "drift boat" type fishing from my jon boat, but maybe I would have been better off with a tiller set-up for that situation.


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        if the water is slow and you dont want to move the boat back and forth too much it is doable. i also use a 55 lb thrust electric to move me around. that works fine once you get the hang of it.

        i like rowing from the front with the back end downstream so i can get the motor going and moving away in a few seconds if need be.

        if slow water in the back so i can steer with the oars and row, and control the transom mounted electric.


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