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  • hit a rock

    I hit a rock with my 225 honda and bent the prop, it is a 14-1/4x17 3 blade stainless. It is just barely bent. Should I buy a aluminum prop to get me buy and have the stainless repaired. If so what aluminum prop size do I need.

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    Yes, you should get it fixed and when you drop the prop off to get fixed ask the people at the shop. I've had great luck with A1 Propeller repair in Anchorage. Only used them twice but they are very helpful and will allow you to exchange props that are undamaged until you get it right.


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      Dittos on A1, and yes get the prop fixed as a bent blade will hurt your performance.

      As far as what size aluminum, it depends on if your current prop is spot on for your boat. The same size aluminum generall gives you an extra 200rpm, as the aluminum blades don't hold their pitch, so if you could find a 3 blade 14-1/4X18 it should be spot on, but likely your only option will be a 17 pitch or 18 pitch. You might want to consider a 4 blade solas 17 pitch.
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        I run the same 14 1/4 x 17 Honda SS, and have a 15 x 17 aluminum as my spare. They are very close, a little better top speed with the aluminum, better hole with the SS.
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          If you hit hard enough to bend your stainless (even slightly), make sure you check the lower prop shaft for turning true. I'm sure you're aware of the weight and torque placed on that shaft with the 225. I speak from experience.


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            How do I go about checking it out for running true. There is no vibration to it and I am not sure I have a dial indicator that would work on it. I live in Valdez so takeing it to a deal is not likely to happen until winter. The motor was up when I beached it and was pushed out, started the motor but had it down to far. As soon as I put it in reverse to back out it killed the engine.


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              Probably didn't bend shaft in that low rpm situation...for a quick check if the boat is out of the water, eyeball the shaft directly behind it and notice if there is an slight wobble. Also feel for it as you turn the shaft by hand. Of course, a very slight damage may not be visible or felt and would require an instrument to detect. Make sure there is no leakage at the shaft, another indication that you may have shaft damage.


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