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    I'm thinking I'll get a stand alone sounder. I'm leaning toward the Furuno FCV 585 with the TM 270W transducer. I'd appreciate any thoughts, comments, recommendations, what have you. Particularly if someone has this unit / set up. Is there something better I should be looking at? Would the bronze thru-hull perform significantly better? Thanks.

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    Hi Homer,

    I'm considering buying the same setup but is the TM 270W that much better than the 260? It is quite a bit more expensive and doesn't seem that much wider than the 260 at the 50 setting. I'm leaning toward the 260 after looking at the specs.


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      I don't know about your combo, but I see alot of raves about the 585 on If you don't already watch that forum, you can get alot of good feedback on boating issues there. Not so much about Alaska, but lots of good experience there. If it fits your application, sounds like the Furuno 585 is an awesome piece of kit!



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        Would the bronze thru-hull perform significantly better? Thanks.

        If you have a aluminum hull do not use a bronze transducer bacause of the the galvanic action caused by the contact of different metals. Bronze and aluminum is not a good mix. The aluminum will be damaged where they two are in contact. Airmar makes a very good non matalic thur hull transducer.


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          What I really meant to say was would the same transducer in a thru-hull perform better. Would it? "PastorBob", I don't know the answer to your question. I think the 270W shoots a 25 degree beam on both frequencies (50 & 200).


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            If I had a way to justify such a purchase with my wife, that combo is pretty close to what I'd get. If you do more bottomfishing/shrimping than salmon trolling, then you probably want the TM260.


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              Dan has that setup on his hewes 26' and he said he's amazed at the performance, he said it'll read well past 600' and they are using the airmar transom mounted transducer. So long as you have clean waterflow to the transducer, a transom mount will work just as well as a through hull.
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                "Paul H", does Dan have the TM270W or the TM260? I've read and read trying to get a handle on the differences, and what would be the best for me. "Vek", can you explain a little? I probably spend an equal amount of time bottom fishing/jigging and trolling. My bottom fishing/jigging is rarely over 130'. I think I fished halibut once last season at a depth of 180'. Most trolling in the 30'-90' area. I appreciate all the insight. I guess I'll let this go another day and then make a decision. Thanks all.


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