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Efficient open water hand trolling skiff on slim budget.

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  • Efficient open water hand trolling skiff on slim budget.

    If I could afford a 20' Tolman standard(when it ever went up for sale), I would buy it in a heart beat. I do not have the space/tools/skills to build one either.
    Other ideas include;
    1. 20'bayrunnner or klamath,
    2.Oregon surf type dory(sea worthy but will pound hard)
    3.A set net skiff hull(hopefully with some dead rise)
    4. Or This guy. (I hate the pump idea and would put an out board bracket on.)

    I know it is probably best to fish my 16'duroboat this summer as a 3500.00 budget could get me into a scary boat if I am not careful. In general if you could give me some ideas that would be great. Next year my budget will be around 7000.00 Ideally of course. Any thing near the 10000.00 range and I shop for an efficient pocket trawler instead.
    Thanks in advance Guys. I am feeling pressure to handroll out of a bigger skiff like the Clippercraft in the link. Just don't want to buy something stupid when I could wait a year and maybe get what I want(the I do like Clippercrafts).
    I just need Simplicity Seaworthy and Economy.

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    I've had both a 20' bayrunner and an 18' klamath over the years. Both were great boats. Given a choice of one versus the other, I'd pick the bayrunner...slightly higher bow and sides, I think. Does Klamath make a 20' model? Are you looking to set it up with gurdies?
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      Too bad it's on the other side of the country, this is a great deal for a Tolman, even if it does need engine work:
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        Seems like a great deal. That would be my boat if I had the cash and it was closer. I will probably not go with gurdies for a while unless they come with the boat. Just feeding my fishing addiction here not trying to get rich.


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          Have you looked at a Harvey Dory? They are a solid 20'-22' boat that is in your price range.
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